21 Day Fix Meal Plan

I don’t know about you but I am already thinking SPRING BREAK! We have a Spring Break trip planned so I am already focused on whipping my booty into bikini body shape! (well at least be half way comfortable in my bathing suit!) I LOVE using the 21 Day Fix! It has been great for me and so easy to use!

**Don’t have the 21 Day Fix yet? Get it HERE**

I do like to plan out my meals and REPEAT some of the same ones because:

1. It makes shopping easier and cheaper

2. I am a creature of habit and do not mind

3. It is easier for me being a work at home mom with two toddlers running around if I can use the same meal ideas

4. It avoids the “What do I make for dinner tonight?” question that seems to hit about 3:30pm every day!… It is then I realize I forgot to thaw any meat and we don’t have many options! (Please tell me I am not the only one who has done that before!)

21DFMealPlan 21DFMealPlan.jpeg

For calorie bracket 1200-1499

For calorie bracket 1200-1499

Not familiar with the 21 Day Fix?

The program I use daily  is a GREAT place to start! Because as much as I HATE to admit it, weight loss is 80% what we eat (and how much) and only 20% exercise! It’s not another diet. In fact, it’s EXACTLY the opposite. 21 Day Fix lets you EAT! Only in just the right portions, so you don’t feel miserable and deprived – but you CAN finally start losing weight.

There are seven exclusive containers. Each one is color-coded for a different kind of food, and pre-measured for the precise portion. If the food  fits in the container, you can eat it!

Then I combine this eating plan with one 30-minute workout a day. The program comes with seven 30 minute workouts on dvd. So each day you know exactly what to eat and what workout to do! The workouts cover a little bit of everything: total body, upper body, lower body, yoga, pilates. It is nice to have a different one each day so that you don’t get bored!

Then I also drink a delicious daily superfood protein shake that helps give you energy for your workouts, reduces junk-food cravings, and may help you reach your fitness goals faster. A nutrient-dense combination of antioxidants, phytonutrients, adaptogens, and many other rare ingredients gives your body nutrients you can’t get from a normal diet. I have seen lots of health benefits by drinking it daily that I can tell you about also! I totally recommend it!

**Don’t have the 21 Day Fix yet? Get it HERE**

Want to join my 21 Day Fix bootcamp?

I will coach your virtually in a private peer group of other who are also starting the 21 Day Fix. Like the meal plan above I will custom create one for YOU, your food likes AND your calorie bracket. Purchase your 21 Day Fix (**Don’t have the 21 Day Fix yet? Get it HERE**) then come find me HERE and send me a message that you bought your 21 Day Fix and are already to get bootcamp stated!

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